Miiverse on 3DS: First Impressions

I updated my 3DS as soon as I could this morning, almost missed my bus to work I was that eager to start playing with it!

I signed up for my NintendoID on my lunch break, managing to secure the one I wanted “Wackiest” nice and simple 😉 After have a play with it I have come to the conclusion that the Miiverse is too insular to be useful to me. My main desire with the Miiverse was to be able to take screenshots with Miiverse while playing games and post them as comments for me to then salvage them from the browser based Miiverse and repost on my Twitter account. However the screenshot function appears to only work in certain games. And PokemonXY is not one of them. Animal Crossing already has it’s own screenshot function and with it I can already post screens directly to Twitter. All 3DS games should have this.

I have also in my short time with the Miiverse encountered the wrath of the administrators for including my Twitter handle in my profile comment. I have since deleted this and I am looking for ways to work around it. Such as merely writing “PGWackiest” and leaving the rest in the hands of Google.

Here’s hoping for Twitter integration as standard in the future.